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HP-401_L 0


Model Available : HP-401 Features : Lightweight. Comes with soft foam-filled cushion and economical. Offers a good seal for protection against harmful noise. Comes with adjustable reinforced headband, and can be worn in three positions. Complied with...

HP-202_L 0

HP-201 , HP-202

Models Available : HP-201 , HP-202 Features : Made with soft and thin pliable material with triple flange design which fit the ear canal perfectly and provides triple seal against harmful noise. Complied with American ANSI S3.19 safety...

HP-102_L 0

HP-101 , HP-102

Models Available : HP-101 , HP-102 Features : Made with soft foam PU which are easy to insert correctly due to the tapered shape and moderate slow expansion rate. The smooth surface on the ear plugs further enhances...

HM-2093_L 0

HM-2093 , HM-8093

Models Available : HM-2093 , HM-8093 Features : Best selling brand in the US. The construction is dielectric, durable, comfortable and is extremely lightweight, as other competitive models often weight substantially more (up to 40% more). Comes with universal...

HB-550_L 0


Model Available : HB-550 Features : High performance earmuff with high NRR of 29dB and SNR of 34dB. Designed to provide superb full spectrum attenuation, as well as superb low frequency attenuation. A fork style headband for...



Model Available : HG1-PHSL Accessories : HMT-H/NESS Features : Designed to protect against top impact & lateral deformation from the front, side and rear. Specially designed by CAD-calculation with a unique energy absorbing features, which prevent transmission...

H-701P_L 0


Model Available : H-701P Accessories : 1990 Features : Comfortable, 4-point pinlock or ratchet suspension with height adjustment. Replaceable brow pad. Vented hard hat option. Compliant when worn in the forward and reverse donning positions. Short...



Model Available : EXP-SC Features : Designed to be used underneath company cap and in areas where safety helmet is not required. Offers protection from minor bumps , bruises and lacerations.  

Cap-7-TC110_L 0


Model Available : Cap-7-TC110 Features : Made with T/C material which is reusable. Lightweight and washable. Available in both blue and white color.