Sản phẩm Safetyware

SCBA845_L 0


Model Available : SCBA845 Features : Come with Pano Full Face Masks & 6.8 litres Carbon Composite Cylinder. Certified to European EN 137-2006 standard. Provides approximately 50-minutes of breathing air. Passed continuous breathing tests 1.2 million...

H06-8310_L 0


Model Available : H06-8310 Features : With the cassette in the raised position, the helmet’s large clear visor may be used as face protection when clearing cinders and grinding. Supplied with passive welding lens, shade EN10 with...

H06-0512_L 0


Model Available : H06-0512 Features : Easily raised visor with a wide field of vision. The breathing hose is connected to the fan, equipped with a filter. The pressure generated in the face shield prevents particles...

H05-3512_L 0


Model Available : H05-3512 Features : A filtering respiratory protective device combined with a hood for self rescue in the event of a fire or chemical emission accident. The hood is based on Sundstrom silicone half face...

H01-2112-H01-2012-H01-2712_L 0

H01-2112 , H01-2012 , H01-2712

Models Available : H01-2112 , H01-2012 , H01-2712 Features : One of the world’s most comfortable and reliable half masks. Made from silicone throughout, with wide and soft application surfaces for an optimal fit (SR 100). Direct air flow...

H01-1212_L 0


Model Available : H01-1212 Features : Made of silicon and is produced in one sizes that will fit most face sizes. Equipped with one inhalation valves and two exhalation valves to ensure very low breathing resistance. The...

8800_L 0

8800 , 8800V , 8800CV

Models Available : 8800 , 8800V , 8800CV Features : The 8800 series are made with invisible nose bridge without any exposure of metal parts. Patented headstrap buckle to adjust length of headstrap for various facial...

8200AV_L 0


Model Available : 8200AV Features : Patent-pending adjustable headstrap buckle for personal adjustment. No metal used. Designed to offer protection against both oil-based and non oil-based particulate. Certified to European FFP2D standard.  

8110S_L 0


Model Available : 8110S Features : Classic small-sized disposable N95 particulate respirator version similar to 3M 8210 N95 particulate respirator. It is designed to help to provide comfortable & reliable respiratory protection against certain non-oil based particles.  

TS400-1E_L 0


Model Available : TS-4001E Features : The meter is designed to meet IEC651 Type 2 and ANSI S1.4. Type 2 standards and it includes SPL measurement function. The Measuring range is from 30dB to 130dB and...