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YF1712 , PF1712

Models Available : YF1712 , PF1712 Features : Premium unsupported natural rubber gloves with cotton flock-lining offer added comfort, excellent grip and protection. Designed to be flexible, sensitive and strong. Ideal to be used in low hazard...



Model Available : NEX-MG Features : Offers the durability and dexterity but without the risk of latex allergies. Features textured finger for exceptional grip. Packed in 100 piece per box/bag.  

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Model Available : NBR-03-1 Features : Made with specially formulated Nitrile Coating. Offer superior protection when handling rough and abrasive objects. Provide outstanding protection against abrasion, cut, snag, puncture, oil & grease. Available in several...

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FSLG13-1 , FSLG135-HQ

Models Available : FSLG13-1 , FSLG135-HQ Features : Offer excellent protection against heat, sparks and abrasive objects. Special wing thumb design that allows the hand to be in natural position, hence minimizing fatigue. Made with full-piece split...

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FP-201 , FP-211

Models Available : FP-201 , FP-211 Features : Made with premium quality carbon suffused nylon and coated with polyurethane (PU) on either palm or fingertips. Elastic and washable. Suitable to be used in work environment...

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B104 , A104 , A105 , A106 , A108

Models Available : B104 , A104 , A105 , A106 , A108 Features : Offer good comfort, dexterity & performance. Cotton knitted gloves are suitable for a wide range of applications while the polyester gloves are...

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Model Available : 9014 Features : Manufacturing breakthrough that utilizes high performance SuperFabric® technology engineered to provide the highest levels of needle and cut protection available on the market. Tested using actual 25 gauge needles (modified...

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Model Available : 2044RE Features : Hold all sizes and styles of safety gloves. Can dry, store and organize up to 4 pairs safety gloves. Dimension of the glove rack is 14-inches (Height) x 22-inches (Width)...